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           Gloria Dei Lutheran Middle School       
                                                                                                                                                 It's April!! 
               It is already April!  Where has the school year gone!  We are in the last grading period of the year.  Our middle school students will be working hard in all of their subjects and looking forward to the end of a productive year.  Eighth and sixth grade Social Studies classes will be completing projects this quarter.  Eighth graders will write a historical essay on an important historical figure from 1865 to the present.  They will also put together a powerpoint to compliment the essay and present it to the class.  Sixth graders will choose an ancient civilization to represent as a travel agent.  Students will create a display "advertising" their ancient civilization.  These will be great projects to present and display!
             We have many activities to look forward to as well!  In April, the middle school will be going to the Tattoo at the Norfolk Scope.   The S.C.A. will have a middle school paint night.  Our very own art teacher, Miss Mace, will guide students in painting their very own paintings.  It will be creative and fun!  Our students will be enjoying P.E. classes at the field on campus.  As the weather warms up students will be enjoying more outdoor activities.  
            Gloria Dei students will celebrate the Easter season.  We will have All School Chapel and then observe Good Friday as there will be no school.  Glory to our Lord and Savior.  We are blessed by an awesome God.   laugh
                          Important upcoming dates:
April        12 - Report Cards
                    17 - 6th Grade field trip to Physics Fest
                    18 - All School Chapel
                    19 - No School
                    23 - P.E. class first mile run
                    24 - Middle School field trip to Tattoo
                    26 - S.C.A. Paint Night

Thank you parents for all you do, and for your awesome support.

With peace and blessings,

Marcie Earhart
7th Grade Home Base
Social Studies Teacher